Sanatan Islam

The idea of Sanatana Islam has been set out to explore and discuss possible relationship between the two great religious streams of the Indian subcontinent, while considering both their similarities and differences and the causes thereof.

‘Sanatana’ is an adjective generally prefixed before the word ‘Dharma’ to express its antiquity and continuity.  ‘Islam’ is a word used both as a noun and also as an adjective before the word ‘Al-Deen’. As noun, it stands for a religious tradition that began with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), meaning peace and complete surrender to One God, and as a prefix it signifies a religion which teaches about peace and complete surrender to One God.

There are some unique and overlapping claims. The proponents of Sanatana Dharma say that it is the original and oldest body of persuasions, which have changed but not much across human history. The adherents of Islam have belief that Islam is the original religion conveyed down the ages from the first man onwards and what is now understood as ‘Islam’ is but its latest and last of the editions. They have the faith that Al-Deen has been the same from the very beginning and only Shariah (Law) went on changing with the subsequent preachers of the same religion in the wake of human advance.

This situation presents a unique opportunity to understand both these streams in the context of religious experience of mankind and also to reflect on the core essence of religion as such.